39-1713. Isolated land; access; affidavit; petition; hearing before county board; time; terms, defined.

(1) When any person presents to the county board an affidavit satisfying it (a) that he or she is the owner of the real estate described therein located within the county, (b) that such real estate is shut out from all public access, other than a waterway, by being surrounded on all sides by real estate belonging to other persons, or by such real estate and by water, (c) that he or she is unable to purchase from any of such persons the right-of-way over or through the same to a public road or that it cannot be purchased except at an exorbitant price, stating the lowest price for which the same can be purchased by him or her, and (d) asking that an access road be provided in accordance with section 39-1716, the county board shall appoint a time and place for hearing the matter, which hearing shall be not more than thirty days after the receipt of such affidavit. The application for an access road may be included in a separate petition instead of in such affidavit.

(2) For purposes of sections 39-1713 to 39-1719:

(a) Access road means a right-of-way open to the general public for ingress to and egress from a tract of isolated land provided in accordance with section 39-1716; and

(b) State of Nebraska includes the Board of Educational Lands and Funds, Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska, Board of Trustees of the Nebraska State Colleges, Department of Transportation, Department of Administrative Services, and Game and Parks Commission and all other state agencies, boards, departments, and commissions.

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