39-1520. Township highway superintendent; powers; compensation; failure of overseer to obey.

All township road and culvert work shall be under the general supervision of the township board, except as hereinafter provided in this section. At the first regular board meeting in each year the board shall select one of its number to be township highway superintendent, under whose direction all township road and culvert work shall be done. Compensation for directing road and culvert work shall be fixed at the annual town meeting. If any overseer shall neglect or refuse to obey the directions of the township highway superintendent, he shall be subject to removal by the township board, and his office may be declared vacant and be filled by appointment by the township board, which appointee shall hold office until his successor is elected.

Source:Laws 1957, c. 155, art. II, § 20, p. 521; Laws 1959, c. 181, § 10, p. 657.