39-1328.01. State highways; frontage roads; request by municipality, county, or property owners; right-of-way acquired by purchase or lease; department; maintenance.

Whenever a highway not a freeway, which formerly traversed the corporate limits of a municipality of not more than five thousand inhabitants as determined by the most recent federal decennial census or the most recent revised certified count by the United States Bureau of the Census, is relocated and is made a controlled-access facility, and the department is or is not providing any frontage road as authorized by section 39-1328, near an intersection with a roadway connecting with such municipality, the department shall, when consistent with requirements of traffic safety, and when the cost of drainage structures does not exceed five thousand dollars, and upon the conditions hereinafter set out construct such frontage roads if requested to do so by such municipality, by the county, or by the owners of sixty percent of the property abutting on such relocated highway if such request is made prior to the purchase, lease, or lease with option to purchase of right-of-way by the department. The quadrant of such intersection in which the frontage road or roads shall be located shall be designated by the governing board of such municipality. The department shall at the request of the county or municipality procure the right-of-way for such frontage road by lease or lease-option to buy or in the same manner as though it were for state highway purposes after receiving from the county or municipality reasonable assurance of reimbursement for such right-of-way costs. The responsibility for the maintenance of such frontage road shall be as provided in section 39-1372.

Source:Laws 1965, c. 211, § 1, p. 619; Laws 2017, LB113, § 40; Laws 2017, LB339, § 127.