38-3602. Purposes of Interstate Medical Licensure Compact.

The purposes of the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact are, through means of joint and cooperative action among the member states of the compact (1) to develop a comprehensive process that complements the existing licensing and regulatory authority of state medical boards and that provides a streamlined process that allows physicians to become licensed in multiple states, thereby enhancing the portability of a medical license and ensuring the safety of patients, (2) to create another pathway for licensure that does not otherwise change a state's existing medicine and surgery practice act, (3) to adopt the prevailing standard for licensure, affirm that the practice of medicine occurs where the patient is located at the time of the physician-patient encounter, and require the physician to be under the jurisdiction of the state medical board where the patient is located, (4) to ensure that state medical boards that participate in the compact retain the jurisdiction to impose an adverse action against a license to practice medicine in that state issued to a physician through the procedures in the compact, and (5) to create the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact Commission.

Source:Laws 2017, LB88, ยง 2.