38-3116. Special license; supervisory relationship; application; contents; use of title; disclosure.

(1) Any psychological practice that involves the diagnosis and treatment of major mental and emotional disorders by a person holding a special license shall be done under the supervision of a licensed psychologist as determined by the board. A psychologist holding a special license shall not supervise mental health practitioners or independently evaluate persons under the Nebraska Mental Health Commitment Act or the Sex Offender Commitment Act.

(2) An application for a supervisory relationship shall be submitted to the department. The application shall contain:

(a) A general description of the supervisee's practice and the plan of supervision;

(b) A statement by the supervisor that he or she has the necessary experience and training to supervise this area of practice; and

(c) A statement by the supervisor that he or she accepts the legal and professional responsibility for the supervisee's practice with individuals having major mental and emotional disorders.

(3) Psychologists practicing with special licenses may continue to use the title licensed psychologist but shall disclose supervisory relationships to clients or patients for whom supervision is required and to third-party payors when relevant. Psychologists who wish to continue supervisory relationships existing immediately prior to September 1, 1994, with qualified physicians may do so if a letter as described in this section as it existed prior to December 1, 2008, was received by the board within three months after September 1, 1994.

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