Nebraska Revised Statute 38-28,114

Chapter 38 Section 28,114


Drug; labeling; contents; violation; embargo; effect.

(1) The manufacturer, packager, or distributor of any legend drug sold, delivered, or offered for sale for human use in the State of Nebraska shall have the name and address of the manufacturer of the finished dosage form of the drug printed on the label on the container of such drug.

(2) Whenever a duly authorized agent of the department has probable cause to believe that any drug is without such labeling, the agent shall embargo such drug and shall affix an appropriate marking thereto. Such marking shall contain (a) adequate notice that the drug (i) is or is suspected of being sold, delivered, or offered for sale in violation of the Nebraska Drug Product Selection Act and (ii) has been embargoed and (b) a warning that it is unlawful for any person to remove or dispose of the embargoed drug by sale or otherwise without the permission of the agent or a court of competent jurisdiction.