38-2060. Acupuncture; license requirements.

At the time of application for an initial license to practice acupuncture, the applicant shall present to the department proof that he or she:

(1) Has graduated from, after having successfully completed the acupuncture curriculum requirements of, a formal, full-time acupuncture program at a university, college, or school of acupuncture approved by the board which includes at least one thousand seven hundred twenty-five hours of entry-level acupuncture education consisting of a minimum of one thousand didactic and five hundred clinical hours;

(2) Has successfully passed an acupuncture examination approved by the board which shall include a comprehensive written examination in acupuncture theory, diagnosis and treatment technique, and point location; and

(3) Has successfully completed a clean-needle technique course approved by the board.

Source:Laws 2001, LB 270, § 12; R.S.1943, (2003), § 71-1,348; Laws 2007, LB463, § 718.

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