38-2044. Temporary educational permit; to whom issued; qualifications.

A temporary educational permit may be issued to graduates of foreign schools or colleges of medicine or to individuals if the applicant, in addition to meeting the other requirements for the issuance of such permit, presents to the department a copy of a permanent certificate of the Educational Commission on Foreign Medical Graduates currently effective and relating to such applicant or, in lieu thereof, such credentials as are necessary to certify to successful passage of the Visa Qualifying Examination, or its successor or equivalent examination, required by the United States Department of Health and Human Services and the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services or, if a graduate of a foreign medical school who has successfully completed a program of American medical training designated as the Fifth Pathway and who additionally has successfully passed the Educational Commission on Foreign Medical Graduates examination but has not yet received a permanent certificate attesting to the same, and provides such credentials as are necessary to certify the same to the department, at such time as the department, with the recommendation of the board, determines, and, if so directed by the department, passes an examination approved by the board to measure his or her clinical competence to proceed to advanced training before advancing beyond the initial phase of the training program, and if such examination is required, pays the required fee.

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