38-152. Base costs of credentialing.

Base costs of credentialing are the costs that are common to all professions and businesses listed in section 38-121 and include the following:

(1) Salaries and benefits for employees of the department who work with credentialing activities;

(2) Shared operating costs for credentialing activities that are not specific to a particular profession or business such as indirect costs, rent, and utilities;

(3) Costs related to compliance assurance, including investigative costs, contested case costs, and compliance monitoring;

(4) Costs of the Licensee Assistance Program under section 38-175;

(5) Capital costs, including office equipment and computer hardware or software, which are not specific to a particular profession or business; and

(6) Other reasonable and necessary costs as determined by the department.

Source:Laws 2003, LB 242, § 24; R.S.1943, (2003) § 71-162.01; Laws 2007, LB463, § 52.