38-1427. Autopsy; written authorization; removal of organs; when performed.

A written authorization for an autopsy given by the person listed in section 30-2223 having the right of disposition of the remains may, subject to section 23-1824 and when not inconsistent with any directions given by the decedent pursuant to section 38-1426, include authorization for the removal of any specifically named organ or organs for therapeutic or scientific purposes. Pursuant to any such written authorization, any structure or organ may be given to the director or to any other therapeutic service operated by any nonprofit agency approved by the director, including, but not limited to, a teaching institution, university, college, legally licensed hospital, nonprofit blood bank, nonprofit artery bank, nonprofit eye bank, or nationally recognized nonprofit hormone and pituitary program. The person or persons performing any autopsy shall do so within a reasonable time and without delay and shall not exceed the removal permission contained in such written authorization, and the remains shall not be significantly altered in external appearance nor shall any portion thereof be removed for purposes other than those expressly permitted in this section.

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