38-1216. Board; duties.

In addition to any other responsibilities prescribed by the Emergency Medical Services Practice Act, the board shall:

(1) Promote the dissemination of public information and education programs to inform the public about emergency medical service and other medical information, including appropriate methods of medical self-help, first aid, and the availability of emergency medical services training programs in the state;

(2) Provide for the collection of information for evaluation of the availability and quality of emergency medical care, evaluate the availability and quality of emergency medical care, and serve as a focal point for discussion of the provision of emergency medical care;

(3) Establish model procedures for patient management in medical emergencies that do not limit the authority of law enforcement and fire protection personnel to manage the scene during a medical emergency;

(4) Not less than once each five years, undertake a review and evaluation of the act and its implementation together with a review of the emergency medical care needs of the residents of the State of Nebraska and submit electronically a report to the Legislature with any recommendations which it may have; and

(5) Identify communication needs of emergency medical services and make recommendations for development of a communications plan for a communications network for emergency care providers and emergency medical services.

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