38-1085. Salon; application; review; denial; issuance; inspection.

Each application for a license to operate a salon shall be reviewed by the department for compliance with the requirements of the Cosmetology, Electrology, Esthetics, Nail Technology, and Body Art Practice Act. In the event an application is denied, the applicant shall be informed in writing of the grounds for denial, and such denial shall not prejudice future applications by the applicant. In the event an application is approved, the department shall issue the applicant a certificate of consideration to operate a salon pending an operation inspection. The department shall conduct an operation inspection of each salon issued a certificate of consideration within six months of the issuance of such certificate. Salons passing the inspection shall be issued a permanent license. Salons failing the inspection shall submit within fifteen days evidence of corrective action taken to improve those aspects of operation found deficient. If evidence is not submitted within fifteen days or if after a second inspection the salon does not receive a satisfactory rating, it shall immediately relinquish its certificate of consideration and cease operation.

Source:Laws 1986, LB 318, § 84; R.S.1943, (2003), § 71-3,123; Laws 2007, LB463, § 347.