38-1057. Board; members; qualifications.

(1) The board shall consist of ten professional members, one owner of a tanning facility as defined in section 71-3902, and two public members appointed pursuant to section 38-158. The professional and public members shall meet the requirements of sections 38-164 and 38-165, respectively.

(2) The professional members shall include:

(a) One school owner who is also licensed as either a cosmetologist, nail technician, or esthetician;

(b) One salon owner who is licensed as a cosmetologist;

(c) Two cosmetologists who are not school owners;

(d) One nail technician who is not a school owner;

(e) One esthetician who is not a school owner;

(f) One electrologist;

(g) One practitioner of body art;

(h) One nail technology instructor or esthetics instructor who is not a school owner; and

(i) One cosmetology instructor who is not a school owner.

(3) No members of the board who are school owners, salon owners, tanning facility owners, electrologists, nail technicians, instructors, cosmetologists, or practitioners of body art may be affiliated with the same establishment.

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