Nebraska Revised Statute 38-10,171

Chapter 38


Unprofessional conduct; acts enumerated.

Each of the following may be considered an act of unprofessional conduct when committed by a person licensed under the Cosmetology, Electrology, Esthetics, Nail Technology, and Body Art Practice Act:

(1) Performing any of the practices regulated under the act for which an individual is not licensed or operating an establishment or facility without the appropriate license;

(2) Obstructing, interfering, or failing to cooperate with an inspection or investigation conducted by an authorized representative of the department when acting in accordance with the act;

(3) Failing to report to the department a suspected violation of the act;

(4) Aiding and abetting an individual to practice any of the practices regulated under the act for which he or she is not licensed;

(5) Engaging in any of the practices regulated under the act for compensation in an unauthorized location;

(6) Engaging in the practice of any healing art or profession for which a license is required without holding such a license;

(7) Enrolling a student or an apprentice without obtaining the appropriate documents prior to enrollment;

(8) Knowingly falsifying any student or apprentice record or report;

(9) Initiating or continuing home services to a client who does not meet the criteria established in the act;

(10) Knowingly issuing a certificate of completion or diploma to a student or an apprentice who has not completed all requirements for the issuance of such document;

(11) Failing, by a school of cosmetology, a nail technology school, a school of esthetics, or an apprentice salon, to follow its published rules;

(12) Violating, by a school of cosmetology, nail technology school, or school of esthetics, any federal or state law involving the operation of a vocational school or violating any federal or state law involving participation in any federal or state loan or grant program;

(13) Knowingly permitting any person under supervision to violate any law, rule, or regulation or knowingly permitting any establishment or facility under supervision to operate in violation of any law, rule, or regulation;

(14) Receiving two unsatisfactory inspection reports within any sixty-day period;

(15) Engaging in any of the practices regulated under the act while afflicted with any active case of a serious contagious disease, infection, or infestation, as determined by the department, or in any other circumstances when such practice might be harmful to the health or safety of clients;

(16) Violating any rule or regulation relating to the practice of body art; and

(17) Performing body art on or to any person under eighteen years of age (a) without the prior written consent of the parent or court-appointed guardian of such person, (b) without the presence of such parent or guardian during the procedure, or (c) without retaining a copy of such consent for a period of five years.