38-1,120. Certain professions and businesses; disciplinary actions; grounds; advice of board; notice; hearing; director; decision; review.

(1) A credential to practice a profession or operate a business subject to section 38-1,119 may be denied, refused renewal, or have disciplinary measures taken against it in accordance with section 38-196 on any of the grounds set out in section 38-178 or 38-182, as applicable. The department shall obtain the advice of the appropriate board in carrying out these duties. If the department determines to deny, refuse renewal of, or take disciplinary action against a credential, the department shall send to the applicant or credential holder a notice to the last address of record. The notice shall state the determination of the department, the reasons for the determination, a description of the nature of the violation and the statute, rule, or regulation violated, and the nature of the action being taken. The denial, refusal to renew, or disciplinary action shall become final thirty days after the mailing of the notice unless the applicant or credential holder, during such thirty-day period, makes a written request for a hearing.

(2) The hearing shall be held according to rules and regulations of the department for administrative hearings in contested cases. Witnesses may be subpoenaed by either party and shall be allowed fees at a rate prescribed by rule and regulation. On the basis of such hearing, the director shall affirm, modify, or rescind the determination of the department. Any party to the decision shall have a right to judicial review under the Administrative Procedure Act.

Source:Laws 2007, LB463, ยง 120.

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