Nebraska Revised Statute 38-1,113

Chapter 38


Disciplinary action involving dependence or disability; appeal.

Any applicant or credential holder shall have the right to request a hearing on an order denying, refusing renewal of, limiting, suspending, or revoking a credential to practice a profession because of abuse of, dependence on, or active addiction to alcohol, any controlled substance, or any mind-altering substance that impairs the ability to practice the profession or illness, deterioration, or disability that impairs the ability to practice the profession. Such hearing shall be conducted in accordance with the Administrative Procedure Act. The denial, refusal of renewal, limitation, suspension, or revocation of a credential as provided in section 38-1,110 shall continue in effect until reversed on appeal unless otherwise disposed of pursuant to section 38-1,111.

Cross References

  • Administrative Procedure Act, see section 84-920.