Nebraska Revised Statute 38-1,109

Chapter 38


Credential holder; voluntarily surrender or limit credential; department; powers; written order of director; violation of terms and conditions; effect.

(1) A credential holder may submit to the department an offer to voluntarily surrender or limit any credential issued by the department pursuant to the Uniform Credentialing Act. Any such offer may be made to surrender or limit the credential permanently, for an indefinite period of time, or for a specific or definite period of time. The offer shall be made in writing and shall include (a) the reason for the offer of voluntary surrender or limitation, (b) whether the offer is for a permanent, indefinite, or definite period of time, and (c) any terms and conditions that the credential holder wishes to have the department consider and apply to the voluntary surrender or limitation of the credential.

(2) The department may accept an offer of voluntary surrender or limitation of a credential (a) based on an offer made by the credential holder on his or her own volition, (b) based on an offer made with the agreement of the Attorney General for cases brought under section 38-1,107 or the legal counsel of the department for cases brought under sections 38-1,119 to 38-1,123 to resolve a pending disciplinary matter, (c) in lieu of filing a petition for disciplinary action, or (d) in response to a notice of disciplinary action.

(3) The department may reject an offer of voluntary surrender of a credential under circumstances which include, but are not limited to, when such credential (a) is under investigation, (b) has a disciplinary action pending but a disposition has not been rendered, or (c) has had a disciplinary action taken against it.

(4) In all instances, the decision shall be issued in the form of a written order by the director. The order shall be issued within thirty days after receipt of the offer of voluntary surrender or limitation and shall specify (a) whether the department accepts or rejects the offer of voluntary surrender and (b)(i) the terms and conditions under which the voluntary surrender is accepted or (ii) the basis for a rejection of an offer of voluntary surrender. The terms and conditions governing the acceptance of a voluntary surrender shall include, but not be limited to, the duration of the surrender, whether the credential holder may apply to have the credential reinstated, and any terms and conditions for any such reinstatement.

(5) A limitation may be placed upon the right of the credential holder to practice a profession or operate a business to such extent, for such time, and under such conditions as imposed by the director.

(6) Violation of any of the terms and conditions of a voluntary surrender or limitation by the credential holder shall be due cause for the refusal of renewal of the credential, for the suspension or revocation of the credential, or for refusal to restore the credential.