Nebraska Revised Statute 38-1,108

Chapter 38


Referral to board; assurance of compliance; recommendation.

Upon referral of a matter under section 38-1,107 by the Attorney General, the board may:

(1) Advise the Attorney General on the content of an agreement to serve as the basis of an assurance of compliance. The Attorney General may contact the credential holder to reach, by voluntary agreement, an assurance of compliance. The assurance shall include a statement of the statute, rule, or regulation in question, a description of the conduct that would violate such statute, rule, or regulation, the assurance of the credential holder that he or she will not engage in such conduct, and acknowledgment by the credential holder that violation of the assurance constitutes unprofessional conduct. Such assurance shall be signed by the credential holder and shall become a part of the public record of the credential holder. The credential holder shall not be required to admit to any violation of the law, and the assurance shall not be construed as such an admission; or

(2) Recommend that the Attorney General file a petition under section 38-186.