Nebraska Revised Statute 38-1,105

Chapter 38


Investigations; department; progress reports to appropriate board; board review; board; powers and duties; review by Attorney General; meetings in closed session.

(1) The department shall advise the appropriate board on the progress of investigations. If requested by the complainant, the identity of the complainant shall not be released to the board.

(2) When the department determines that an investigation is complete, the department shall consult with the board to obtain its recommendation for submission to the Attorney General. In making a recommendation, the board may review all investigative reports and have full access to the investigational file of the department and any previous investigational information in the files of the department on the credential holder that may be relevant to the investigation, except that (a) reports or other documents of any law enforcement agency provided to the department shall not be available for board review except to the extent such law enforcement agency gives permission for release to the board and (b) reports provided by any other agency or public or private entity, which reports are confidential in that agency's or entity's possession and are provided with the express expectation that the report will not be disclosed, may be withheld from board review.

(3) The recommendation of the board shall be made part of the completed investigational report of the department and submitted to the Attorney General. The recommendation of the board shall include, but not be limited to:

(a) The specific violations of any statute, rule, or regulation that the board finds substantiated based upon the investigation;

(b) Matters which the board believes require additional investigation; and

(c) The disposition or possible dispositions that the board believes appropriate under the circumstances.

(4) If the department and the board disagree on the basis for investigation or if the board recommends additional investigation and the department and board disagree on the necessity of additional investigation, the matter shall be forwarded to the Attorney General for review and determination.

(5) All meetings of the boards or between a board and staff of the department or the Attorney General on investigatory matters shall be held in closed session, including the voting of the board on any matter pertaining to the investigation or recommendation.