37-705. Reserves, sanctuaries, and closed waters; prohibited acts; penalty; exceptions.

(1) Anyone who takes any fish from waters closed by the commission as provided in the Game Law, who takes any game upon any reserve or sanctuary, who goes thereon with a gun or dog, who permits a dog to run thereon, who otherwise intentionally disturbs game or birds thereon and causes them to depart from such reserve or sanctuary, who goes upon any wild fowl sanctuary to fish or for any other purpose during the open season on wild fowl, or who violates any provision of sections 37-701 to 37-704 or any rule or regulation of the commission relating to game reserves or sanctuaries adopted and promulgated by authority of law shall be guilty of a Class III misdemeanor.

(2) Nothing in this section shall (a) render unlawful the keeping at farm homes, located on the reserves or sanctuaries provided for in the Game Law, such dogs as ordinarily are kept on farms, (b) render unlawful the possession of firearms by residents on such reserves or sanctuaries when such firearms are not used to disturb or molest wild fowl or game thereon or prevent such residents from destroying predators as provided in section 37-559 thereon, (c) prevent members, officers, or employees of the commission from going upon sanctuaries at any time to enforce the Game Law, to obtain evidence to enforce it, or otherwise to protect game and fish thereon, or (d) make it unlawful to retrieve lawfully killed game birds from any such reserve or sanctuary.

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