37-485. License requirements; inspection; issuance.

Upon receipt of the application, the commission shall inspect the area proposed to be licensed described in such application and its premises and facilities. The commission shall also inspect the area where game birds are to be propagated, reared, and liberated and the cover for game birds on such area. The commission shall also ascertain the ability of the applicant to operate a property of this character. If the commission finds (1) that the area is of the size specified in section 37-484, (2) that the area is comprised of one or more tracts and each tract is a distance of no more than two miles from at least one other tract in the proposed area, (3) that the area has the proper requirements for the operation of such a property, (4) that the game birds propagated or released thereon are not likely to be diseased and a menace to other game, (5) that the operation of such property will not work a fraud upon persons who may be permitted to hunt thereon, and (6) that the issuing of the license will otherwise be in the public interest, the commission shall approve such application and issue a game breeding and controlled shooting area license for the operation of such a property on the tract described in such application with the rights and subject to the limitations prescribed in sections 37-484 to 37-496.

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