37-470. Aquaculturist; report required; quarantine; when; notice; revocation of permit.

(1) An aquaculturist who knows that aquatic organisms owned or controlled by him or her are affected with prohibited pathogens shall at once report such fact to the commission, stating all facts known to him or her with reference to the prohibited pathogens.

(2) If an aquaculture facility has aquatic organisms affected with prohibited pathogens, the commission may quarantine the aquaculture facility and may order the destruction of the affected aquatic organisms upon a determination that a situation of imminent danger to existing aquatic organisms or human health and safety exists and that no more reasonable means exist to control the situation. A notice shall be posted at the quarantined aquaculture facility and a written notice shall be sent to the owner or operator of the aquaculture facility.

(3) The commission may revoke the aquaculture facility permit of an aquaculture facility if the owner or operator does not comply with this section or a quarantine issued pursuant to this section.

Source:Laws 1994, LB 1165, § 20; R.S.Supp.,1996, § 37-711.01; Laws 1998, LB 922, § 180.