37-405. Hunting, fishing, or fur-harvesting permit; expiration; duties of holder.

(1) The commission shall provide for the issuance of permits to hunt, fish, or harvest fur. Application for such permits shall be made to the commission or its agents and shall contain such information as may be prescribed by the commission. All applications for permits shall include the applicant's last four digits of his or her social security number. A permit shall authorize the person to whom it is issued to hunt, fish, or harvest fur-bearing animals as provided by the Game Law during the period for which the permit is issued.

(2) If the holder of a hunting permit is a hunter of migratory game birds, he or she shall be required to declare himself or herself as such and provide information regarding his or her migratory game bird hunting activity to the commission. Documentation of such a declaration shall be made on the hunting permit or a separate document which shall become a part of the permit. Costs to the commission of implementing such declaration and documentation and for participation in a federal program designed to obtain survey information on migratory bird hunting activity shall be funded from the State Game Fund. For purposes of this subsection, migratory bird has the definition found in 50 C.F.R. part 10, subpart B, section 10.12, and migratory game bird has the definition found in 50 C.F.R. part 20, subpart B, section 20.11(a).

(3)(a) All permits shall expire at midnight on December 31 in the year for which the permit is issued, except as otherwise provided in subdivision (b) of this subsection and sections 37-415, 37-420, and 37-421.

(b) The commission may issue multiple-year permits to hunt, fish, or harvest fur. The permits shall expire at midnight on December 31 in the last year for which the permit is valid.

(c) A multiple-year permit issued to a resident of Nebraska shall not be made invalid by reason of the holder subsequently residing outside of Nebraska.

(4) A person who is hunting, fur harvesting, or fishing shall present evidence of having a permit immediately upon demand to any officer or person whose duty it is to enforce the Game Law. Any person hunting, fishing, or fur harvesting in this state without such evidence shall be deemed to be without such permit.

(5) The commission shall adopt and promulgate rules and regulations necessary to carry out this section.

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