37-354. Operation and maintenance; requirements; compliance and enforcement.

Property conveyed by the commission pursuant to sections 90-272 to 90-275 and 90-278 shall be operated and maintained as follows:

(1) The property shall be maintained so as to appear attractive and inviting to the public;

(2) Sanitation and sanitary facilities shall be maintained in accordance with applicable health standards;

(3) Properties shall be kept reasonably open, accessible, and safe for public use. Fire prevention and similar activities shall be maintained for proper public safety;

(4) Buildings, roads, trails, and other structures and improvements shall be kept in reasonable repair throughout their estimated lifetime to prevent undue deterioration and to encourage public use; and

(5) The facility shall be kept open for public use at reasonable hours and times of the year, according to the type of area or facility.

The commission shall be responsible for compliance and enforcement of the requirements set forth in this section.

Source:Laws 2010, LB743, § 4; Laws 2011, LB207, § 2; Laws 2011, LB563, § 2; Laws 2012, LB739, § 2.