37-352. Nebraska Outdoor Recreation Development Cash Fund; disbursements; commission; multiyear recreational development plan.

(1) No appropriation shall be made from the Nebraska Outdoor Recreation Development Cash Fund until the commission has presented electronically a multiyear recreational development plan to the Legislature for its review, modification, and final approval. An updated version of such plan shall also be submitted electronically to the Legislature annually for its modification and approval. The money in such fund shall be administered according to this section by the commission for the development, operation, and maintenance of areas of the state park system. The money in such fund may be used in whole or in part for the matching of federal funds. All disbursements from the fund shall be made upon warrants drawn by the Director of Administrative Services.

(2) When a recreational plan is prepared for any state park system area or part of a state park system area cooperatively managed by the commission and the Nebraska State Historical Society, such plan shall insure that adequate funds are appropriated to develop and maintain historical aspects.

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