37-326. Commission; establish change cash funds; use; how funded; amount; monthly accounting.

(1) The commission may establish change cash funds for use at any of the following locations:

(a) Staffed state parks;

(b) Staffed state recreation areas;

(c) Staffed state historical parks;

(d) Staffed state wildlife management areas; and

(e) Administrative offices of the commission.

(2) Money for the change cash funds shall be taken from the State Game Fund or the State Park Cash Revolving Fund.

(3) The amount of each change cash fund shall be determined by the commission based upon need at each location. At no location shall the sum of money to be used as a change cash fund exceed fifteen thousand dollars.

(4) Personnel at each location where a change cash fund has been established shall make a monthly accounting of such fund to the commission. The commission shall make a monthly accounting of all change cash funds to the State Treasurer.

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