37-303. Commission; acquire land; gifts and bequests; powers.

(1) With the consent of the Governor, the commission may by purchase, when funds on hand or appropriated therefor are sufficient, or by gift, devise, or otherwise acquire title in the name of the State of Nebraska to sites situated outside organized municipalities, except as provided in section 90-404, for additional state parks, hatcheries, recreation grounds, state recreational trails, wildlife management areas, captive wildlife facilities, and public shooting grounds and may enter into appropriate contracts with reference thereto, all within the limits of amounts that may be appropriated, contributed, or available. For these purposes, the commission may enter into appropriate contracts, leases, or lease-purchase agreements.

(2) The commission, with the consent of the Governor, may take, receive, and hold, either in the name of the state or in trust for the state, exempt from taxation, any grant or devise of lands and any gift or bequest of money or other personal property made in furtherance of the purposes contemplated by this section and shall have such funds or the proceeds of such property invested. Such invested funds shall be deposited, used, and expended under the direction of the commission.

(3) The commission may make a survey of all lands and areas in the state which are suitable for state parks, game refuges, or other similar purposes contemplated by this section and may locate and designate any or all of such lands or areas or parts thereof and take such action as may tend to preserve or conserve them. The commission shall publish such informational material as it deems necessary and may, at its discretion, charge appropriate fees therefor.

Source:Laws 1998, LB 922, § 61; Laws 1999, LB 176, § 13; Laws 2000, LB 701, § 1.

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