37-1254.03. Boating under influence of alcoholic liquor or drug; choice of test; privileges of person tested.

The peace officer who requires a chemical blood, breath, or urine test or tests pursuant to section 37-1254.02 may direct whether the test or tests shall be of blood, breath, or urine. When the officer directs that the test or tests shall be of a person's blood, the person tested shall be permitted to have a physician of his or her choice evaluate his or her condition and perform or have performed whatever laboratory tests such person tested deems appropriate in addition to and following the test or tests administered at the direction of the peace officer. If the officer refuses to permit such additional test or tests to be taken, then the original test or tests shall not be competent as evidence. Upon request the results of the test or tests taken at the direction of the peace officer shall be made available to the person being tested.

Source:Laws 1989, LB 195, § 5; Laws 2001, LB 773, § 9; Laws 2011, LB667, § 12.