34-102. Division fence; adjoining landowners; construct and maintain just proportion of fence.

(1) When there are two or more adjoining landowners, each of them shall construct and maintain a just proportion of the division fence between them. Just proportion means an equitable allocation of the portion of the fenceline to be physically constructed and maintained by each landowner or, in lieu thereof, an equitable contribution to the costs to construct and maintain the division fence to be made by either landowner. Unless otherwise specified in statute or by agreement of the parties, such equitable allocation shall be one which results in an equal burden of construction and maintenance of the division fence. This section shall not be construed to compel the erection and maintenance of a division fence if neither of the adjoining landowners desires such division fence.

(2) Unless the adjoining landowners have agreed otherwise, such fence shall be a wire fence as defined in subdivision (5) of section 34-115.

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