33-140.01. Unclaimed witness fees; notice by county board; publication.

It shall be the duty of the county board, within twenty days after the filing of the list provided by section 33-140, to cause to be published in some weekly newspaper of general circulation, published in the county, for at least two consecutive issues of the paper, a notice in a form substantially as follows:

To whom it may concern: Report has been made to the county board of ............... County, Nebraska, by the clerk of the district or county court of the county, which report shows that there is now and has been for the last six months remaining in the hands of the clerk certain witness fees which have been uncalled for. If the fees are not called for within six months from .............. (insert the day upon which the first report was made), they will be considered as forfeited and will be paid into the common school fund of ............... County.

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