33-110. County clerks; fees for certificate and seal; when charged; marriage licenses and records; fees.

County clerks shall receive no fee for the performance of the following services: For issuing certificates of election; for performing the duties of clerk of the county board; for taking acknowledgments of claims against the county; for attesting or certifying any document authorized by the county board or required by the departments of the state; or for recording Army or Navy discharges or furnishing certified copies thereof to be used in connection with any claim for compensation or disability. A charge of twenty-five cents shall be made for any other certificate and seal unless otherwise provided. The fees collected shall be credited to the county general fund.

County clerks shall receive a fee of twenty-five dollars for the entire proceedings of issuing a marriage license, administering the related oaths or affirmations, and recording a marriage certificate. An additional fee of nine dollars shall be made for each certified copy of a marriage record on file in the office of the county clerk. Both such fees shall be deposited in the county general fund.

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