32-963. Poll watchers; display credential; sign register; authorized activities; protest conduct of election; ruling.

(1) Upon arrival at a polling place, a poll watcher shall display such poll watcher's credentials to the precinct inspector or precinct receiving board and sign the register of poll watchers. The election commissioner or county clerk shall provide a register at each precinct for poll watchers to sign. A poll watcher shall wear the approved credential with the poll watcher's name and the name of the person or organization who appointed the poll watcher while engaged in observing at a polling place.

(2) Subject to section 32-1525, a poll watcher may be present during all proceedings at the polling place governed by the Election Act and may watch and observe the performance in and around the polling place of all duties under the act.

(3) If a poll watcher or the person or organization who appointed the poll watcher wishes to protest any aspect of the conduct of the election, such poll watcher, person, or organization shall present such protest to the Secretary of State or to the election commissioner or county clerk of the applicable county. The Secretary of State, election commissioner, or county clerk shall rule on the issue within a reasonable amount of time relative to the issue presented.

Source:Laws 2020, LB1055, ยง 12.
Effective Date: November 14, 2020