32-960. County with less than ten thousand inhabitants; elections conducted by mail; application for approval; contents.

In any county with less than ten thousand inhabitants, the county clerk may apply to the Secretary of State to mail ballots for all elections held after approval of the application to registered voters of any or all of the precincts in the county in lieu of establishing polling places for such precincts. The application shall include a written plan for the conduct of the election, including a timetable for the conduct of the election and provisions for the notice of election to be published and for the application for ballots for early voting notwithstanding other statutory provisions regarding the content and publication of a notice of election or the application for ballots for early voting. If the Secretary of State approves such application for one or more precincts in the county, the county clerk shall follow the applicable procedures in sections 32-953 to 32-959 for conducting elections by mail, except that the deadline for receipt of the ballots shall be 8 p.m. on the day of the election.

Source:Laws 2005, LB 401, § 9; Laws 2009, LB501, § 3.