32-919. Registered voter; ballots; prohibited acts; forfeit vote.

Every registered voter receiving a ballot shall, before leaving the polling room, vote or, if he or she does not wish to vote, return all ballots so received to be deposited into the ballot box by a member of the receiving board. No person receiving a ballot shall take the same from the polling room except as authorized in the Election Act. No person shall remove any ballot from the polling room before the closing of the polls except as otherwise authorized under the Election Act. Any person taking a ballot from the polling room in violation of this section shall forfeit and lose his or her right to vote at the election. If an inspector or a judge or clerk of election observes a person about to violate this section, the inspector, judge, or clerk shall inform the person of the penalties provided in this section and section 32-1535.

Source:Laws 1994, LB 76, ยง 262.