32-910. Polling places; obstructions prohibited; restrictions on access.

Any judge or clerk of election, precinct or district inspector, sheriff, or other peace officer shall clear the passageways and prevent obstruction of the doors or entries and provide free ingress to and egress from the polling place or building and shall arrest any person obstructing such passageways. Other than a registered voter engaged in receiving, preparing, or marking a ballot or depositing a ballot in a ballot box or a precinct-based optical scanner at the polling place, an election commissioner, a county clerk, a precinct inspector, a district inspector, a judge of election, a clerk of election, a member of a counting board, or a poll watcher as provided in section 32-1525, no person shall be permitted to be within eight feet of the ballot boxes or within eight feet of any ballots being counted by a counting board.

Source:Laws 1994, LB 76, § 253; Laws 1997, LB 764, § 82; Laws 2019, LB411, § 47; Laws 2020, LB1055, § 13.