32-717. New political party; validity of petition signatures; certification of establishment; copy of constitution and bylaws; filed.

Within twenty business days after all the petitions to form a new political party which contain signatures are filed with the Secretary of State, he or she shall determine the validity and sufficiency of such petitions and signatures. Clerical and technical errors in a petition shall be disregarded if the forms prescribed by the Secretary of State are substantially followed. If the petitions are determined to be sufficient and valid, the Secretary of State shall issue a certification establishing the new political party. Copies of such certification shall be issued to the person, group, or association forming the new political party. Within twenty days after the certification of establishment of the new political party by the Secretary of State, the person, group, or association forming the new political party or its new officers shall file with the Secretary of State the constitution and bylaws of such party along with a certified list of the names and addresses of the officers of the new political party.

Source:Laws 1994, LB 76, § 217; Laws 2021, LB285, § 13.