32-703. Delegates to national convention; selection or election; national party rules; state political party; duty.

In each presidential election year, the total number of delegates and alternate delegates representing this state at the national conventions of the political parties and their method of selection or election shall be determined by the rules of the national political party holding the convention. The Secretary of State in consultation with the Attorney General shall have the authority to do all things necessary in the administration of the Election Act, including ballot preparation, separation of ballots, and ballot instructions, to comply with and carry out the intent of national political party rules and court decisions. Whenever the act is in conformity with national political party rules as to the election of delegates, the election procedures found in the act shall be followed. The state political party shall furnish a copy of the national political party rules regarding selection of delegates to the Secretary of State no later than December 1 of the year preceding each presidential election year.

Source:Laws 1994, LB 76, § 203; Laws 1997, LB 764, § 68; Laws 2014, LB1048, § 7.