32-630. Petitions; signers and circulators; duties; prohibited acts.

(1) Each person who signs a petition shall, at the time of and in addition to signing, personally affix the date, print his or her last name and first name in full, and affix his or her date of birth and address, including the street and number or a designation of a rural route or voting precinct and the city or village or a post office address. A person signing a petition may use his or her initials in place of his or her first name if such person is registered to vote under such initials. No signer shall use ditto marks as a means of personally affixing the date or address to any petition. A wife shall not use her husband's first name when she signs a petition but shall personally affix her first name and her last name by marriage or her surname. Any signature using ditto marks as a means of personally affixing the date or address of any petition or any signature using a spouse's first name instead of his or her own shall be invalid.

(2) Each circulator of a petition shall personally witness the signatures on the petition and shall sign the circulator's affidavit.

(3) No person shall:

(a) Sign any name other than his or her own to any petition;

(b) Knowingly sign his or her name more than once for the same petition effort or measure;

(c) Sign a petition if he or she is not a registered voter and qualified to sign the same except as provided in section 32-1404;

(d) Falsely swear to any signature upon any such petition;

(e) Accept money or other thing of value for signing any petition; or

(f) Offer money or other thing of value in exchange for a signature upon any petition.

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