32-624. Candidate filing forms; objections; notice; actions authorized; filing officer; powers and duties.

A candidate filing form which appears to conform with sections 32-606 and 32-607 shall be deemed to be valid unless objections are made in writing within seven days after the filing deadline. If an objection is made, notice shall be mailed to all candidates who may be affected thereby. Any political party committee may institute actions in court based upon fraud or crime resorted to in connection with the candidate filing forms or the acceptance of a nomination. No county committee shall have the authority to bring such action as to candidates for congressional or state office or as to candidates to be elected from legislative districts composed of more than one county. A state political party committee may institute actions to determine the legality of any candidate for a state or congressional office or for any district office if the district composes more than one county. Objections to the use of the name of a political party may also be made and passed upon in the same manner as objections to a candidate filing form or other acceptance of nomination.

The filing officer with whom the candidate filing form was filed shall determine the validity of such objection, and his or her decision shall be final unless an order is made in the matter by a judge of the county court, district court, Court of Appeals, or Supreme Court on or before the fifty-fifth day preceding the election. Such order may be made summarily upon application of any political party committee or other interested party and upon such notice as the court or judge may require. The decision of the Secretary of State or the order of the judge shall be binding on all filing officers.

Source:Laws 1994, LB 76, § 192; Laws 2002, LB 1054, § 17.