32-567. Vacancies; offices listed; how filled.

Vacancies in office shall be filled as follows:

(1) In state and judicial district offices and in the membership of any board or commission created by the state when no other method is provided, by the Governor;

(2) In county offices, by the county board;

(3) In the membership of the county board, by the county clerk, county attorney, and county treasurer;

(4) In the membership of the city council, according to section 32-568 or 32-569, as applicable;

(5) In township offices, by the township board or, if there are two or more vacancies on the township board, by the county board;

(6) In offices in public power and irrigation districts, according to section 70-615;

(7) In offices in natural resources districts, according to section 2-3215;

(8) In offices in community college areas, according to section 85-1514;

(9) In offices in educational service units, according to section 79-1217;

(10) In offices in hospital districts, according to section 23-3534;

(11) In offices in metropolitan utilities districts, according to section 14-2104;

(12) In membership on airport authority boards, according to section 3-502, 3-611, or 3-703, as applicable;

(13) In membership on the board of trustees of a road improvement district, according to section 39-1607;

(14) In membership on the council of a municipal county, by the council;

(15) For learning community coordinating councils, according to section 32-546.01; and

(16) For regional metropolitan transit authority boards, according to section 18-808.

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