32-322. Acknowledgment of registration; when required; duplicate registration; notice required.

Upon receipt by the election commissioner or county clerk of a complete and correct registration application showing that the registrant is qualified to be a registered voter pursuant to sections 32-312.01 to 32-312.05, the registrant shall be a registered voter and the election commissioner or county clerk shall send, by nonforwardable first-class mail, an acknowledgment of registration to the registrant at the postal address shown on the registration application. If an acknowledgment of registration is returned as undeliverable, a second nonforwardable first-class mailing shall be attempted. If a registration application is a duplicate of a registration already on file, the registrant shall be so notified.

Source:Laws 1994, LB 76, § 84; Laws 1997, LB 764, § 40; Laws 2005, LB 566, § 23.