32-232. Election duties; who may perform; messenger; appointment; duties.

(1) Any clerk of election may perform the duties of a judge of election, and any judge of election may perform the duties of a clerk of election. The county clerk may excuse two clerks of election from serving at any election, and the judges of election shall perform such duties without additional compensation.

(2) The county clerk shall designate one of the members of the receiving board as a messenger. The messenger shall receive from the county clerk the ballots and other equipment necessary for holding the election in the precinct for which he or she is a judge or clerk and shall deliver them to the polling place in his or her precinct at least one hour before the time provided by section 32-908 for opening the polls. The messenger shall return the ballots and other equipment to the county clerk as soon as possible after the votes are counted.

Source:Laws 1994, LB 76, § 52; Laws 1999, LB 802, § 3; Laws 2007, LB646, § 2.