32-1107. Legislature; election contest; depositions; procedure.

(1) The taking of depositions shall be commenced within fifteen days after the giving of the respective notices of contest provided for in section 32-1106 and shall be completed as soon as practicable under the circumstances. The persons selected by the parties to take depositions shall issue subpoenas to all persons required by either party commanding them to appear and give testimony at the time and place specified. All testimony shall be certified to the Clerk of the Legislature by the persons selected to take the depositions.

(2) No testimony shall be received in the taking of depositions or by the Legislature which does not relate to the points specified in the notice. A copy of the notice, attested by the person who delivered or served the same, shall be delivered to the person or persons selected to take depositions, and the person or persons selected to take depositions shall transmit a copy of the notice with the depositions to the Clerk of the Legislature. No testimony other than the testimony contained in the depositions taken at the times and places provided for in this section and section 32-1106 shall be received as evidence unless otherwise determined by the Legislature.

Source:Laws 1994, LB 76, ยง 350.