31-791. Official ballot; form.

The form of the official ballot at a recall election conducted pursuant to section 31-790 shall conform to the requirements of this section. With respect to each trustee whose removal is sought, the question shall be submitted: Shall (name of trustee) be removed from the office of trustee? Immediately following each such question there shall be printed on the ballot the two responses: Yes and No. Immediately to the left of each response shall be placed a square or oval in which the voters qualified to vote for the trustee in a regular election may vote for one of the responses by making a cross or other clear, identifiable mark. The name of the trustee which shall appear on the ballot shall be the name of the trustee that appeared on the ballot of the previous election that included his or her name.

Source:Laws 1997, LB 874, § 6; Laws 2002, LB 176, § 8.