31-789. Signature verification; effect.

(1) The principal circulator or circulators shall file, as one instrument, all petition papers comprising a recall petition for signature verification with the filing clerk within thirty days after the filing clerk issues the initial petition papers to the principal circulator or circulators as provided in section 31-787.

(2) Within fifteen days after the filing of the petition, the filing clerk shall ascertain whether or not the petition is signed by sufficient qualified resident voters and qualified property owning voters as provided in section 31-787. No new signatures may be added after the initial filing of the petition papers. No signatures may be removed unless the filing clerk receives an affidavit signed by the person requesting that his or her signature be removed before the petitions are filed with the filing clerk for signature verification.

(3) If the petition is found to be sufficient, the filing clerk shall attach to the petition a certificate showing the result of such examination. If the petition is found not to be sufficient, the filing clerk shall file the petition in his or her office without prejudice to the filing of a new petition for the same purpose.

Source:Laws 1997, LB 874, § 4; Laws 2002, LB 176, § 7; Laws 2012, LB1121, § 2.