31-775. Court; order; findings; relief granted; costs.

Upon the hearing of the special proceedings pursuant to sections 31-771 to 31-776, the court shall, upon a finding that any of the statements in subdivisions (1) to (4) of section 31-773 are true, that the petition has been properly filed and notice of the petition has been duly given and published for the time and in the manner prescribed in sections 31-771 to 31-780, and that it is in the best interest of the district, have the power and jurisdiction to issue an order which refers the sanitary and improvement district to the Auditor of Public Accounts for appointment by the auditor of an administrator from a list of not less than two names of persons possessing real estate and financial expertise compiled by the court in the proceedings, and which provides for the suspension of the authority of the board of trustees of the district to exercise the powers granted such board under sections 31-727 to 31-770 during the period of such administrator's appointment. In the alternative or as additional relief the court may order such other relief as may be appropriate to cure the defects of the district, including, but not limited to, (1) appointment of trustees to serve until the next regular election, (2) calling a special election to elect trustees which shall be conducted in the same manner as other elections for trustees, and (3) directing the board of trustees to levy taxes or special assessments as required by sections 31-727 to 31-770. The cost of the special proceedings may be allowed and apportioned between the parties in the discretion of the court.

Source:Laws 1982, LB 868, ยง 37.