31-506. Trustees; general powers; clerk; engineer; publication of proceedings.

The board of trustees shall elect one of their members clerk and have the power to appoint, employ and pay an engineer, who shall be removable at pleasure. The clerk may be paid not to exceed three hundred dollars per year by said board. The board shall have power to pass all necessary ordinances, orders, rules and regulations for the necessary conduct of its business and to carry into effect the objects for which such sanitary district is formed. Immediately after each regular and special meeting of said board, it shall cause to be published, in one newspaper of general circulation in the district, a brief statement of its proceedings, including an itemized list of bills and claims allowed, specifying the amount of each, to whom paid and for what purpose; Provided, no publication shall be required unless the same can be done at an expense not exceeding one-third of the legal rate for advertising notices.

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