31-441. Changing voting place from county seat; procedure.

When a district has been formed, the board of directors shall have power by a three-fifths vote to declare the county seat an inconvenient place for holding elections, and shall certify the same to the proper county clerk. Thereupon all elections of the district other than those for enlarging the boundaries and those annual elections held pursuant to section 31-409.01 shall be held at a place to be designated each year by the board of directors and within the district, and the county clerk of the county previously having charge of the matter shall each year appoint three resident freeholders of the district to act as an election and canvassing board, and the parties so appointed, or if they fail to appear, any other parties chosen by electors present at the election, shall constitute the election and canvassing board, with the same powers given to the county clerk and his or her assistants by section 31-407.

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