31-405. Formation; notice of election; publication; contents; posting.

Thereupon the county clerk shall publish one notice once each week for three weeks in a newspaper published in the proposed district, and if the district embraces land in more than one county, then said notice shall be published in a legal newspaper published in the proposed district in each county. If no legal newspaper is published in the proposed district then the notice shall be published in a legal newspaper published in each of the counties having land within the proposed district. The notice shall state the filing of the petition; that it is filed under the provisions of sections 31-401 to 31-450, giving the title thereof in full; the boundaries of the proposed district as fixed by the county board; that an election will be held at a certain place in the proposed district, which place shall be named in said notice, between the hours of 8 a.m. and 6 p.m., on a day named therein; that at said election the question of the formation of the proposed district shall be determined, and a board of directors elected, giving the number of such board, such board to take office contingently on the formation of the district; Provided, that if there is no newspaper published within the district or within the county, the county clerk shall prepare a copy of such notice, and cause it to be posted in three conspicuous and suitable places in the district.

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