31-301. Drainage districts organized by proceedings in district court; formation; articles of association; contents.

A majority in interest of the owners in any contiguous body of swamp or overflowed lands in this state, situated in one or more counties in this state, may form a drainage district for the purpose of having such land reclaimed and protected from the effects of water, by drainage or otherwise. For that purpose they may make and sign articles of association, in which shall be stated the name of the district, the number of years the same is to continue, the limits of the proposed drainage district, which shall in no event embrace an area of less than one hundred and sixty acres, the names and places of residence of the owners of the land in the proposed district, the description of the several tracts or parcels of land situated in the district owned by those who may organize the district, and the name or names and the description of the real estate owned by such as do not join in the organization of the district but who will be benefited thereby. Such owners of real estate as are unknown may be set out in such articles as such. The articles shall further state that the owners of real estate so forming the district for such purposes are willing and obligate themselves to pay the tax or taxes which may be assessed against them to pay the expense of making the improvements that may be necessary to effect the drainage of the lands so formed into a district, as provided by law, praying that they may be declared a drainage district under sections 31-301 to 31-369.

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